James flynn


Performance dates 2018/19


JANUARY 2018 James Flynn & The Fly Little Big Band, Ellington Jazz Club 12th & 13th January Perth, Australia. James Flynn & The Perth Jazz Orchestra Thursday 18th January Perth, Australia James Flynn & The Sound of Siam, 24th, 25th, & 26th January Concerts & launch of 'Open to the new shades' Thailand Tourist Authority, Bangkok, Thailand

MARCH 2018 James Flynn & Friends,The Lodge Thursday 15th March JamesFlynn & The Christy Smith Trio,Saturday 17th March Intercontinental Hotel Singapore

APRIL 2018 James Flynn Quartet featuring Koh Mr Saxman.Thursday 5th April Black n White Jazz. James Flynn with Koh Mr Saxman & Takeshi Band, Friday 6th April Singapore International Jazz Festival Singapore

MAY 2018 James Flynn & Koh Mr Saxman & Takeshi Band Japan TBC James Flynn & Koh Mr Saxman,18th & 19th May Hua Hin Jazz Festival Thailand

JUNE 2018 James Flynn & the Fly little Big Band 16th June Melbourne Australia James Flynn (Special Guest) Vincent's Candi Dasa, Bali Indonesia

JULY 2018 James Flynn & Nick Lim "Alone together" 14th & 21st July Intercontinental Hotel Singapore James Flynn & the Fly little Big Band 26th July Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Australia James Flynn Quartet "Unforgettable" The Nat King Cole Story, Weld Theatre. Perth Australia

SEPTEMBER 2018 James Flynn & the Cool Cats Trio 5th - 8th September Cool Cats Jazz Club, Marriot Hotel Singapore James Flynn Trio 12th & 13th September Centara Grand Hotel, Bangkok Bangkok Thailand

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2018 Original screenplay & writing & score Malaga, Spain

DECEMBER 2018 James Flynn & Friends 3rd December Chateau la Iyre Singapore James Flynn & Dale Barlow 9th December M.U.S.T. Bangkok, Thailand, James Flynn & Nick Lim 15th & 21st December Intercontinental Hotel Singapre James Flynn & Dale Barlow Quartet 27th - 29th December Cool Cats Jazz Club Singapore James Flynn & The Sunny Trio 31st December Le Meridian Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

JANUARY 2019 James Flynn Quintet 11th & 12th January Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Australia

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2019 Original music & recording project Perth Australia

ARIL 2019 James Flynn & The Fly Little Big Band, The Ellington Jazz Club 5th & 6th April Perth, Australia

MAY 2019 James Flynn Quartet Friday 3rd May Black & White Jazz James Flynn Quartet Saturday 4th May Jazz @ The Excise Man Singapore James Flynn & Eric Wakienus with The Sunny Trio Saturday 18th May The Foojohn Building, Bangkok Thailand

June 2019 James Flynn Quartet featuring Adrian Gallante. Ellington Jazz Club Fiday 7th June Perth Australia James Flynn & Carmel Reeve with The John Montesante Quintet. The Water Rat Hotel Thursday 20th June Melbourne Australia James Flynn & The Mark Fitzgibbon Quartet, Paris Cat Jazz Club Friday 21st June Melbourne Australia James Flynn & the Steve Russell Trio, "Unforgettable" The Nat King Cole Story - The Doobop Jazz Club Saturday 22nd June Brisbane Australia James Flynn & Michael Veerapen Trio. No Black Tie 28th & 29th June Kuala Lumper, Malaysia

JULY 2019 James Flynn & The Nick Lim Trio Saturday 6th July Singapore James Flynn Quintet, Ellington Jazz Club, Thursday 18th July Perth, Australia

AUGUST 2019 James Flynn - "Jazz Stories", Ellington Jazz Club 14th August Perth Australia

SEPTEMBER 2019 James Flynn Quartet,Black & White Jazz Club 14th September Singapore Singapore James Flynn Quartet, Album recording 22nd & 23rd September MeLbourne, Australia James Flynn & The Hellen Russell Quartet Saturday 27th September Doo-Bop Jazz Bar, Brisbane, Australia

OCTOBER 2019 James Flynn 'Traffic Jam' 11th October (Venue TBC) Perth, Australia James Flynn & Leah Geoffe "Only you" Original musical. Words & Music by James Flynn Wednesday 30th October Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Australia

NOVEMBER 2019 James Flynn "Wonderful" A tribute to Stevie Wonder 22nd & 23rd November The Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Australia "Only You" - Original musical, Words & Music by James Flynn Saturday 30th November The Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Thornlie Australia

DECEMBER 2019 James Flynn "Artist in Residence" 6th -27th December Lar De St Theresa, Goa **India

APRIL 2020 James Flynn Quartet, Monday 27th April Janes Tours Singapore

MAY 2020 James Flynn & The Fly Little Big Band Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd May Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Australia James Flynn Quartet Tuesday 12th May Janes Tours Singapore

JUNE 2020 James Flynn & Leah Geoffe "Only You" original musical, words & music by James Flynn 26th & 27th June Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Australia

JULY 2020 James Flynn Quartet, Edinburgh Jazz Festival (TBC) Scotland