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This CD is a selection of some of my favourite tracks from my last seven albums covering a ten year period and features an amazing pool of Australian talent: Matthew Jodrell, Troy Roberts, Ray Walker, Tom O'Halloran, Adrian Kelly, Russell Holmes, Carl Mackey, Jeremy Greig, Paul Millard, Paul Pooley,Chris Tarr, Mike Nelson, Ben Vanderwall, Mike Perkins, Matt Willis, Rod Vervest, Matt Styles & Beck Carroll. 

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The fly little big band

This studio album captures myself along with the Swingingest band in Australia. My eight piece, Fly little big band, performing the tunes of song stylists, Sinatra, Bobby Darrin & Dean Martin.

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I thought about you

A beautiful studio album recorded in one session with 95% of the tracks recorded in the first take. Great group of friends and musicians enjoying a fun day out in the studio. Along with a beautiful collection of standards it features my three of my first original collaborations:  Packing Up My Toothbrush (Flynn / McPike / Hepburn) , Picture Perfect (J. Flynn)  & Don't Cry in the River (Flynn / McPike / Hepburn) 


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Nat King Cole was my greatest inspiration as a young vocalist growing up in Scotland.So i was delighted to pursue this collaboration with my good friend & pianist Alan Mcpike who created wonderful new arrangements for Nat's tunes. We performed in the UK with his trio before I returned to Australia for a national tour tour with the Russell Holmes Quintet. This album was recorded live at the at the Subiaco Theatre Centre in Perth, Western Australia.


Colour me blue

A beautiful little duets album with Scottish guitarist John Goldie.  John who at the time was Martin Taylors rhythm guitarist, shows some of the flare and technique of Taylor with his beautiful accompaniment . Includes some ogf my favourite jazz standards.

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When everything clicks

Scottish pianist and musician Alan McPike and I have been friends and musical collaborators for over 20 year. This live recording is one of the reasons why. We just connect musically and can improvise and have fun but stay on the same page. He has always been a joy to perform with and the evening of this performance was no exception.

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This is one of my favourite albums. recorded with the late, great, London saxophonists, Danny Moss and the Mike Nelson Trio, featuring Mike on piano, Paul Pooley on bass & Chris Tarr on drums. We originally recorded at the ABC in Perth for Jim Mcleod's Jazz track programme but I later purchased the recordings and released the album independently.  'Skylark', "Don't take you'r love from me' & 'You've changed' are some of the featured tracks.


James Flynn, In love down under

My first Australian CD recorded back in 1994 for Radio Broadcaster, John Green. It features evergreen standards performed along with my original quintet. Wally Sinton-Piano, Murray Wilkins - Bass, Norm Burroughs - Drums & Garry Lee- Vibes & Guitar.